The Media and Eating Disorders: It’s not what you think

The National Eating Disorder Association supplies this infographic to educate people about the media's role in contributing to the dangerous level of body dissatisfaction in our society:  Media Literacyinfographic2_13 Among other things, it points out that the more young people are exposed to media messages, the more likely they are to be concerned about their... Continue Reading →


Language is important. Some of the most incredible people I've ever met have had eating disorders. They were not "anorexics" or "bulimics," but human beings who just happen to have adopted some unfortunate coping strategies to deal with difficult circumstances in their lives. These individuals are some of the most caring, intelligent and insightful people... Continue Reading →

Males are often left out of the eating disorder conversation, but the truth is, they make up one third of sufferers in the United States. Recovery can be even harder for men because of this misconception that only women are affected. Well, I'm here to tell you that eating disorders don't discriminate. Guys, don't be... Continue Reading →

These are some of the worst misconceptions about eating disorders in my opinion. Nice to see them addressed in such a short, sweet and to the point infographic, even if it is from last year's NEDAwareness week :p. Please share and spread the message. Knowledge = Power.

Waving the white flag

For someone who considers herself a pacifist, I sure do put a lot of energy into fighting. If you could peer inside my skull, you would witness an almost constant battle going on from the time I open my eyes in the morning to the time I close them at night. Sometimes I even wage... Continue Reading →

Tearing up the list

Where I got into trouble was when I started creating more and more things for myself to do even just to earn my own approval. The challenge now is to realize that all of those things I put on my internal checklist are just that: Things.

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