Body Language

Historically, I’m a thinking person. I live in my head. I am not at all spontaneous, and when presented with a choice, I analyze the shit out of it before making a decision.

If you’d asked me a couple of years ago what I thought about my body, I probably would have said, “I don’t.” Because at the time, well, it was just kind of there. It held up my brain. I didn’t really notice it unless it hurt, in which case I just got annoyed with it. My body was essentially the chauffeur for my mind.

Recently, though, I’ve begun to realize how much wisdom the body holds. When I mentioned in my last post that my mind was communicating with me through alternate channels, what I didn’t mention is that said channel was my body. The tell-tale signs were all there: My jaw was clenched, my back was rigid, and my shoulders and neck were tight. Dude, I was stressed OUT. And being the thinking person that I am, my initial reaction was of course to reason with myself. “Jen, why are you stressed out? There’s no need for you to be so uptight. Everything’s okay.” And when that didn’t work I screamed. “Relax Dammit!!” (sorry neighbors…) Surprise: That didn’t work either. Unable to think my way out of this problem, I did the only thing I could think of — I flopped down on the floor and rolled around like a dog. Don’t laugh, people. THIS WORKS.

Also helpful? Phoebe running:

What I’ve realized is that when my brain uses my body to communicate with me, I have to use the same language to respond. Telling myself everything was okay and that I could just relax didn’t cut it. I had to roll around on the ground and run across my living room like a crazy person to get the message across. “See?!” I seemed to be saying, “I can run around and act like a total goofball — everything really IS okay! Now relax!” And my brain usually gets the point pretty quickly. And while I highly recommend the dog rolling in grass move and the Phoebe running, if you’re in public, a few deep breaths and shrugs of the shoulders would probably work too  ;p



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