Loving What Is: Now on Facebook!!!!!

Okay, so one exclamation point probably would have sufficed... Anyway, check it out, and if you want a convenient way to be notified of current posts, as well as get other uplifting and informative snippets in your news feed beyond what I feature on the blog, be sure to "like" the page and ask to... Continue Reading →


The Chains

The chains fell off her ankles as she reached up for the clouds. The chains fell off her ankles too weak to keep her down. The chains fell from her ankles as she took off for distant shores. The chains fell from her ankles able to shackle her no more. The chains fell off her... Continue Reading →

Meditation vs. Medication

Meditation vs. Medication: So which is it? Sitting and observing your breath for 30 minutes every day or sitting and gulping down a couple of pills every morning? Remembering to stay present and be mindful throughout the day or remembering to take the little blue tablet with dinner every night? Is one better than the... Continue Reading →

Nothing is a Problem Unless You Make it So

In the name of bringing myself back to the present moment, I wasn't allowing myself to feel whatever it was that was pulling me away. Here I am, writing posts for a blog I've named "loving what is," and what have I been doing all this time? Fighting. Fighting like crazy.

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