A Mother’s Love

A special Mother’s Day post today for all the mothers out there, dedicated to my own mother, Linda, who I am blessed to have in my life. I’m sensitive of the fact that not everyone celebrates this day, however, for whatever reason, so I want to also acknowledge those who have lost their mothers or children, as well as those who don’t have as positive of a relationship with their mothers, and make clear that you are included in this as well. As a prayer I posted on facebook today noted, “May we all remember that we have all at some point been mothers to one another.”

May you all feel loved today. ❤

A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love heals all wounds

it doesn’t ever die

Its strength is everlasting

its force words can’t describe.

A mother’s love is powerful

There’s no fight it cannot win

It props up buildings made of steel

It bends the arms of men.

A mother’s love is precious

more so than glistening pearls

It’s a gift worth more than diamonds

yet costs nothing to the world.

A mother’s love is stubborn

It’s resolute. And firm.

It doesn’t bend or waver

it makes no sudden turns.

A mother’s love is constant

it has no strings attached

Its presence asks for nothing

Its truth cannot be matched.

A mother’s love is beautiful

its scent intoxicates the soul

My mother’s love created me

Its presence makes me whole.

©  JKH 5/10/2007

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