Alchemy Only Works One Way

What I'm saying is this: Remember the basic goodness inherent in who you are. Someone else's inability to see it does not transform you or mean it does not exist. You are gold. And gold cannot be turned back into lead. 


A Mother’s Love

A special Mother's Day post and poem for all the mothers out there, in all their different forms.

Breaking Free

I've been rediscovering some old poems over the last few days and came across this one. I think it's appropriate for me right now as I make a more determined effort to let go of some long-held self-defeating habits. What are the chains in your own life and how are you letting them hold you... Continue Reading →

Anxiety = Growth

So that's my new equation. Anxiety = Growth. You have to stress your muscles to make them grow and become stronger, so why should the brain and nervous system be any different?

Using my Anger for Good

I believe that love really does trump hate, and that if we can all focus on being proactive instead of reactive, on fighting for what we believe in instead of protesting what we don't, perhaps we can stem the tide of division and animosity that seems to be washing over this country. If the government isn't going to step up and set a good example, then it's up to each of us.

Thoughts on Thinking

So next time you find yourself spinning off into dangerous thinking territory, try to stop yourself. Some thoughts are like animals in a zoo. It's not good to feed them.

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