No Expectations

I'm learning I expect a lot out of people, especially people I care about. And this is proving to be a problem.


The Journey

Life is not about the busyness. It's not about the doing and achieving. Those are all part of it, of course, but, really, life is all about the spaces in between.

Lonely but not Alone

Now, I sometimes find myself feeling "lonely but not alone." I may interact with people, but I don't feel a connection. I may have conversations, but they feel empty. I express my thoughts, but they don't seem to find a landing spot.

Right Now

Every so often, I find myself being sucked in by snowball mentality. Snowball mentality: noun        snow·ball - men·tal·i·ty     (snōˈbôl - men-ˈta-lə-tē) a mode or way of thinking characterized by a single, simple thought rapidly devolving into a succession of related thoughts that threaten to overtake the thinker with impending doom. So... Continue Reading →

Race to the Bottom?

We can talk, and discuss, and work together to achieve the best vision for America. We can have open dialogue based on facts – not on fear, emotion, or ego.

Thoughts on Forgiveness

I tend to be more of a grudge holder. When I believe someone’s done me wrong, I hold on to a grudge like there’s no tomorrow, as though I’ll punish the offender into deep regret and remorse and they’ll never cross me again. Except, that’s not usually how it works.

Alchemy Only Works One Way

What I'm saying is this: Remember the basic goodness inherent in who you are. Someone else's inability to see it does not transform you or mean it does not exist. You are gold. And gold cannot be turned back into lead. 

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