Anorexics Don’t Exist.

Anorexics don't exist. Nor, for that matter, do bulimics, or alcoholics, or schizophrenics. There is no such thing as "the mentally ill," just people with mental illnesses. In short, PEOPLE ARE NOT THEIR CONDITIONS. There are people with anorexia, yes. But anorexics? Never met one. There's an unfortunate tendency in society to label people. We... Continue Reading →


The Folly of “Awareness Weeks”

It's that time of year again -- Eating Disorder Awareness Week begins today and runs through this coming Saturday. The theme this year is again "I had no idea," alluding to the fact that so many people know so little about eating disorders and the truth behind them. While this is true, and I would... Continue Reading →

Permission to Feel Shitty

Society tries to tell us that smiles and happiness are the only acceptable ways to navigate the world, and so I assume I must be doing something wrong. I try to fix what in reality, isn't even broken. And all of this fight and struggle only makes things worse.

Letting Go

The point is, resisting things does not make them any easier or more tolerable. In fact, it makes them more difficult and more painful.

When Doing Nothing is Something

I'm a do-er. Or in Fraggle Rock lingo, a doozer. Remember them? Those guys were always busy. Working, moving around,  building things. I never really knew what they were building, or if the work they were doing had any real purpose, but man could they go to town. In fact, if my sources are correct, these little... Continue Reading →

Nothing is a Problem Unless You Make it So

In the name of bringing myself back to the present moment, I wasn't allowing myself to feel whatever it was that was pulling me away. Here I am, writing posts for a blog I've named "loving what is," and what have I been doing all this time? Fighting. Fighting like crazy.

Trying not to Try

Accept. Slowly. Reluctantly. Hesitance settles down upon your shoulders. Fear and Doubt gnaw at your bones. One step at a time. Blind trust. A leap of faith. Release. Let Go. Struggling only tightens the reins. You belong in the world -- Flying. Soaring. No chains to tie you down. Free, At last. ©Jennifer Horton I'm... Continue Reading →

Waving the white flag

For someone who considers herself a pacifist, I sure do put a lot of energy into fighting. If you could peer inside my skull, you would witness an almost constant battle going on from the time I open my eyes in the morning to the time I close them at night. Sometimes I even wage... Continue Reading →

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